Milwaukee Electronics is open to support your manufacturing needs.
Including Milwaukee Electronics,Screaming Circuits and San Diego PCB

Autumn is upon us, and we continue to work at near full capacity with our staff
at-the-ready in this current business environment. This includes a return to the

Living with COVID-19 does not change our mission of Perfect Product. What
you want, when you want it. As always, we are monitoring all health authority
advisories and trends, as well as all current supply chain constraints.

As a family, here at Milwaukee Electronics, we have as a group, started to
notice some positive unintentional consequences of this pandemic. Among
those, includes our quest for the constant updating of any supply chain issue.
We are expecting change, especially now, and finding there is little to
report. While “little to report” is a good thing for all of us, we recognize change
may be around the corner. In that case, we will always immediately alert you.

In our facilities, self-policing with regard to masks and social distance has
become another part of our company culture. While frustrating at first, our staff
has become comfortable with the one-way hallway to lunch, as one example.

Even though we eat lunch with our teammates at separate tables, the
comradery continues!

Staff who are working from home, are finally getting over the “camera shy”
aspects of video meetings and some have even enjoyed meeting fellow teammates’ four-legged extended family members.

We are finding positive unintentional consequences here at our facilities and in
our homes, and we hope you are too!

Stay healthy, and if you have any questions, please reach out to your Program

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Arthur W. Cannon on August 7, 2020.

Art Cannon was the Founder of Milwaukee Electronics’ longest and highest performing Sales Rep firm, Cannon Associates. Art was a visionary that built his company to what it is today, with the same team he put into place more than 25 years ago.

In the early days, Art and our Founder & CEO, Mike Stoehr, built a significant book of business. Many of the relationships that resulted from those efforts are still in place today.

Milwaukee Electronics has lost a family member in Art Cannon. His spirit, work ethic and business stories, with his life experience will be remembered fondly by both the Cannon Assoc, and Milwaukee Electronics families. Art has left an indelible mark on our company and we join our partners at Cannon Associates as we endeavor to carry on his legacy.

We take this opportunity to honor Art’s contributions since our relationship began in 1994. More than that, we thank him for creating a partnership that will last long into the future.


Very Sincerely,

The Milwaukee Electronics Family

Milwaukee Electronics is open to support your manufacturing needs.
Including Milwaukee Electronics,Screaming Circuits and San Diego PCB

As July turns into August, we are operating at near full capacity under a new
normal. As you have read over the last several weeks, our living with COVID-
19 has settled into a steady state. Our team certainly recognizes that our new
business environment can change overnight. We continue to monitor our local
health authority advisories and trends to ensure our procedures are updated to
any and all new requirements.

We are now “thriving” rather than merely “surviving”. All necessary safety
protocols are in place to protect our workforce, while our U.S. manufacturing
facilities run at 100% of normal capacity. Our Mexico facility continues to gain
capacity due to both our diligence with the local government, and our
investment in new SMT equipment. Our Screaming Circuits prototype division
is currently at a 98% on-time delivery rate.

Additionally, the electronics supply chain is monitored constantly and we are
happy to share that global demands have started to recover to pre-COVID
levels. Of the lead times we are currently tracking, only 30% of them are
showing a slight increase. As distribution inventory remains healthy, we are
seeing that the current COVID landscape remains healthy as well. Logistics
and air freight capacity from Asia are still challenging, and yet, even this is

All of this to say, that as we continue to navigate through our COVID-19
response, delivering your product, what you want, when you want it,
remains our mission.

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Milwaukee Electronics Newsletter Q2 2020

This article will be continually updated with our most current status. 
Milwaukee Electronics is open to support your manufacturing needs.

As of June 02, 2020:


Milwaukee Electronics would like to Thank You. Your patience and flexibility over the past months, has helped us to keep our workforce safe, while meeting your ongoing needs.

Important and unchanged:

  • Our Screaming Circuits division is delivering orders on-time 98% of the time.
  • Milwaukee Electronics is open to serve your manufacturing needs.
  • We are no longer accepting in-person drop offs, will-call pickups or any carriers other than UPS, FedEx and USPS. UPS, FedEx or USPS are our only options for pick up or delivery.
  • We continue to follow the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 best practices for cleaning, disinfecting, social distancing, use of facial covering, and work from home where possible.
  • Electronics related to the fight against COVID-19 will be given priority. Our Portland, Oregon facility is certified to ISO-13485 for medical electronics manufacturing. Please let us know if you are requesting medical electronics.

Additional detail:

  • Our Screaming Circuits prototype and on-Demand manufacturing division has temporarily suspended its delivery guarantee (read more here)
  • The designers in our San Diego PCB Design PCB layout division are all working remotely and have full capacity available.

Our priority through this crisis is to keep our workforce safe and continue to serve our customers. We have enacted COVID-19 response best practices, including aggressive cleaning, work from home where possible, and social distancing to ensure that we will continue to be able to meet both of those objectives.

  • For the latest status update for our Screaming Circuits prototype and on-demand manufacturing division, please see:
  • For the latest status updates for our San Diego PCB Design PCB layout group, please see:

According to the most recent Federal Government guidance, as stated in the Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity-Infrastructure guidelines, manufacturing is a part of the “essential critical infrastructure” workforce during the COVID-19 response. More information is available at:


For the latest status update for our Screaming Circuits prototype and on-demand manufacturing division, please see:

For the latest status updates for our San Diego PCB Design PCB layout group, please see:

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Milwaukee Electronics Newsletter April 2020


Milwaukee, Wisconsin — February 25, 2020 — Milwaukee Electronics and subsidiary Automation Controls Group will reveal its line of  UniDrive® ZoneLogixTM controllers at MODEX 2020 ZoneLogixTM and ZoneLogix PROTM zero pressure accumulation (ZPA)/ZLP) controllers provide end-users, systems integrators and conveyor OEMs with the advantages of ZPA/ZLP with or without PLC interface.

Designed to operate seamlessly with the UniDrive flagship line of Brushless DC conveyor motors, the ZoneLogix controller line provides a new level of product and zoned-system control, without the need to directly wire PLCs to each zone.

The first North American showing of ZoneLogix under the UniDrive brand, will be at MODEX 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia, from March 9-12, 2020, at Booth #6094 at the Georgia World Congress Center.

UniDrive ZoneLogix Press Release Feb 2020


Milwaukee Electronics is closely monitoring the impacts of the coronavirus in China and elsewhere. At present, we anticipate only minimal impacts on our supply chain and our ability to deliver products to our customers.
The situation, however, is fluid and could change on short notice.
We are gathering information from suppliers with China based manufacturing and those with supply chains that rely on China output. While we have yet to be notified of any specific delays, we expect that any extended closures could result in shipping delays of products or components manufactured in China.
In addition, the Milwaukee Electronics Singapore office and our overall supply chain strategy focuses on direct relationships with our offshore (not just China) factories for improved transparency. We are getting information directly from the local factories, in the local language, and are keeping a close pulse on this situation.
Here are a few details that we do know:
  • Chinese New Year shutdown was extended unilaterally by one week until February 10th by the Chinese government
  • Hubei Province Chinese New Year shutdown has been extended indefinitely
  • Late last week, the Chinese government put in additional restrictions which require manufacturers to pass a government issued inspection prior to opening back up
  • These inspections are now backlogged with little communication on the future schedule
  • In addition to this, there are significant travel restrictions which has prevented workers from returning
  • These impacts are very supplier unique; we have some suppliers as low as 45% people capacity and some as high as 75%
  • Air shipments are being impacted as 90% of the passenger capacity between China and the rest of the world has been cancelled until the end of March at earliest. Passenger places account for approximately 45% of freight capacity as goods are shipped in the belly of the planes
  • Chinese ports are open, but trucking companies are just beginning to ramp up volume
It is important to note that Milwaukee Electronics has no manufacturing locations in China.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local Program Managers or Milwaukee Electronics contact.