Our newly implemented Epicor information system is already starting to show its value. For the first time in the history of Milwaukee Electronics, we can measure a range of delivery and production metrics anytime of the month,without having to wait for several days after the end of a month to “close the books” before getting this information. Thanks to everyone who contributed and those who were involved in properly calibrating the new system to give us the information so nicely.

As we continue to fine tune the reporting functions of the Epicor system, we get a clearer and clearer picture of this information for Milwaukee Electronics as a whole, plus specifically for each individual electronics assembly product group. It is extremely powerful to have advanced knowledge of plant performance so easily accessible any day of the month that we choose, and that advantage is just the beginning. Our individual work cells are now posting detailed production efficiency reports, precise cost-related information by job, and gross margin reports to help quicken the PCB assembly process. We are still learning how to most effectively use this new information, where to find it, and how to make it even more timely and accurate to improve our overall performance. Clearly, there is increased power for our facilities with the information that is generated by our new system. We will be a better company, and have access to an increasing ability for each one of us to better understand how we contribute to delivering Perfect Product to our customers dependably, and on schedule.

Congratulations to everyone for a great introduction of the new system, and for each of our daily contributions towards getting Milwaukee Electronics to a new level of maturity in our company’s overall evolution as electronics contract manufacturers. Good work!

-Rick McClain, COO Milwaukee Electronics

Rick Over the last couple of months the Milwaukee SMT team has been working to improve our SMT operation. The team used our new information system to learn about the area's efficiency, quality, and on time delivery. They used this information to determine the action items to make improvements and it is now showing up in their on time delivery metrics. Although we didn't create a specific kaizen event for this improvement, the team’s work clearly used lean principles. Now that we have clear metrics in this area to continue to drive improvement, I am confident that this improvement will continue. This is actually the proper definition for kaizen. Continuous Improvement. With these new metrics, the team can monitor their own progress and determine their own course of action to continually improve the operation. Congratulations to Damian Turner, Quinton Wiggins, and the rest of our SMT team for leading the way in using our new information to drive our operation to be Fast, Accurate, and Profitable.

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