MEC’s Singapore IPO (International Purchasing Office) has added supplier audit capability in Taiwan, according to Jered Stoehr, MEC’s Director of Asia Business Development.  “We’ve hired Matt Nelson, who is based in Taiwan, as our Asia Operations Manager. Many custom part manufacturers who do business with other companies in the electronics assembly industry might look good on paper. However, Matt is driving our audit process to ensure that MEC only engages with the suppliers who have the acceptable processes and quality levels which are needed to support the customer base of our various electronics manufacturing services.” added Jered.

From the beginning, before source inspection of the first few production runs, MEC conducts an audit of the supplier, both of which precede the initial qualification runs. MEC is improving the level of EMS outsourcing efficiency it can offer to customers utilizing the cost reducing sources that the IPO has identified. Now focusing on options in cable harness and wire assembly suppliers, the team has already broadened supply options for magnets, mechanical parts, motor shafts, aluminum castings, bearings, and printed circuit boards.

“This past year we’ve made very good progress in meeting our goal to build a highly qualified, cost competitive electronics contract manufacturing supply chain broad enough to meet our customers’ varying needs yet one that still works with our team directly, rather than via third party agents.” said Jered.

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