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July 22nd 2014 was a critical date for engineers and buyers involved in the medical device manufacturing industry. On this day, the European Union phased in restrictions for the six hazardous substances found in RoHS, and required RoHS II compliance for all medical electronic devices. Read More

To increase the efficiency of assembly, and detect electronics manufacturing defects, there are several considerations which designers rely on when they utilize Design for Testability (DFT) during the design and layout process of a circuit board. DFT affects how components are selected, arranged, and integrates circuit-level testability for a PCB. Read More

Over the last three decades, companies have been evolving their EMS outsourcing strategies in a number of ways. Some parts of the equation include: location, capabilities, increased technology complexity, lowest cost and supply chain considerations. Read More

By implementing the Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Milwaukee Electronics now has access to a wide array of advanced shop floor control tools. This year, our continuous improvement (CI) efforts are focused on better aligning our electronics manufacturing processes to the greater visibility inherent to the new system. Read More

Adequate preparation is the key to reliability. Regardless of their size, all companies who rely on an electronics contract manufacturer to fulfill their production necessities have one thing in common – they count on affordable manufacturing costs and high quality, reliable results for the product they create. Read More

When designing a product, adhering to DFM guidelines from the very beginning is of foremost importance. There are several benefits to making DFM a central part of the product development process, such as: Read More

Although on average, 30-40 percent of Screaming Circuits’ customers eventually migrate to volume production, a larger portion of the overall customer base is transactional-based production. This means Screaming Circuits provides the majority of its customers with either standalone, or short-run PCB assembly services. Read More