Milwaukee Electronics is open to support your manufacturing needs.
Including Milwaukee Electronics,Screaming Circuits and San Diego PCB

As July turns into August, we are operating at near full capacity under a new
normal. As you have read over the last several weeks, our living with COVID-
19 has settled into a steady state. Our team certainly recognizes that our new
business environment can change overnight. We continue to monitor our local
health authority advisories and trends to ensure our procedures are updated to
any and all new requirements.

We are now “thriving” rather than merely “surviving”. All necessary safety
protocols are in place to protect our workforce, while our U.S. manufacturing
facilities run at 100% of normal capacity. Our Mexico facility continues to gain
capacity due to both our diligence with the local government, and our
investment in new SMT equipment. Our Screaming Circuits prototype division
is currently at a 98% on-time delivery rate.

Additionally, the electronics supply chain is monitored constantly and we are
happy to share that global demands have started to recover to pre-COVID
levels. Of the lead times we are currently tracking, only 30% of them are
showing a slight increase. As distribution inventory remains healthy, we are
seeing that the current COVID landscape remains healthy as well. Logistics
and air freight capacity from Asia are still challenging, and yet, even this is

All of this to say, that as we continue to navigate through our COVID-19
response, delivering your product, what you want, when you want it,
remains our mission.

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