This summer, I had the opportunity to participate in an annual business review which was conducted by one of Milwaukee Electronics’ key electronics manufacturing customers.

To this point in time, we have provided them with quality electronics assembly services going on over 25 consecutive years. This has created a relationship between our two companies which greatly signifies exactly what we strive for as an electronics contract manufacturer. It truly is safe to say that it is the model of a “Highly Valued Manufacturing Partnership”.

People throughout both of our organizations from Executives, Senior Managers, and Design Engineers, to Manufacturing, Quality, Procurement, and Continuous Improvement personnel are engaged with one-another on multiple levels. By working together, each organization has learned a great deal from the other while also stimulating improvement for the others’ operations. Our teams stay well-coordinated and engaged from the earliest stages of new product development on through the entirety of each project.

Their engineers are using our inventory list when choosing components during the design of a new board layout, and bettering their understanding of how to design products so that they can more optimally fit our PCB assembly and box build processes. We have a stocking program that allows for daily delivery to their factory lines and we also provide their engineers with a completely “open book” costing model – to plan product costs.

With our coordination of monthly reviews to make sure the pipeline of materials is adequate to meet end customer demand, we communicate and work together, in order to certify the supply base. In short, we know where their business is headed, and they know where ours is headed.

The results of their annual business review showed that Milwaukee Electronics has been hitting the bulls-eye in just about every aspect of providing them with “Perfect Product”!

Indeed, this is a rewarding partnership which has brought mutual benefit for our customer as well as for Milwaukee Electronics. This truly is the vision we carry for each of our customer relationships.

Keep Serving!

-Rick McClain, COO Milwaukee Electronics


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