These days, as society expands the pressures we experience from every side, increasingly our time, family obligations, personal needs, and individual commitments require us to do more with less. The modern-day business world operates in the same way. As cost pressures increase, and fewer people are available to do the normal amount of work, demanding market issues also drive the need to design and build things faster. Every person I know would like to figure out the same thing: how to make life easier.

Helping each customer overcome their challenges to success continues to remain our number one priority. We asked ourselves-“How can we design our company’s processes to save our customers valuable time, while also making it easier for them to conduct business with us?” Through an ever-expanding bandwidth of electronics manufacturing options, along with normal EMS outsourcing services, our approach is aimed at directly addressing these questions. MEC’s Innovation group has engineering capabilities to provide board layout, should a customer need that level of design support. MEC’s Screaming Circuits group can provide quickly built prototypes if a customer needs rapid PCB prototype assembly. We also have our own company resources in place in the U.S. and a Singapore IPO, to identify cost competitive, high quality suppliers which help to support customer BOM cost reductions. For contract customers, we provide regular production with estimated volumes and short, short delivery lead time – with our kanban system. Should a product’s quality need to be verified, our test engineers have excellent solutions for test platforms. Also, for an old or declining product that must be sustained, we have an end-of-life program commitment to servicing that product forever.

Our main approach is to provide everything needed by our customers in one electronics contract manufacturing supplier, to make life easier and help them reach their goals efficiently.

P. Michael Stoehr


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