Upgrading to the Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system begins a new phase of discovery for everyone at MEC. Up to this point, as manufacturing teams for each of MEC’s facilities completed the initial implementation, Read More

All three of MEC’s electronics manufacturing locations have implemented the new Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) operating system as of July 1st. “Switching over to a new management-level information system is always a complicated process. As we continue to learn from our previous experience making these types of upgrades, each subsequent implementation goes smoother as we incorporate the lessons previously learned. Read More

Check out the latest news from MEC Companies, covering what’s new with MEC in the 2nd quarter 2013.  The MEC Newsletter covers all areas of the company from our factories and offices across USA, Mexico and Asia.

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On Thursday, July 18th from 3pm until 7pm, MEC Northwest will host a 10th anniversary celebration to commemorate the opening of Screaming Circuits. Read More

Implementing new changes, while also accurately measuring the results they bring is a key component of successfully making improvements. In recent years, each of our plants conducted many kaizen improvement projects, Read More

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to enjoy dinner with one of our highly valued customers in the Pacific Northwest. As we were talking, their CTO announced that we had been successfully producing products for their company for exactly two years now. Read More

Two newly arisen factors are combining to shape the purchasing decisions made in our fast-paced, understaffed, and short lead time world of electronics contract manufacturing. While both cost and quality have always been and still remain key factors for customers getting the best value, it is now speed and communication which have become the most important drivers for who customers choose to do business with. Read More

Although on average, 30-40 percent of Screaming Circuits’ customers eventually migrate to volume production, a larger portion of the overall customer base is transactional-based production. This means Screaming Circuits provides the majority of its customers with either standalone, or short-run PCB assembly services. Read More