In 2008, Milwaukee Electronics developed a new business named Automation Controls Group (ACG). It is part of our “Proprietary Products Group” – which is the grouping of products that is either invented or designed by Milwaukee Electronics itself. When ACG creates a new product, employees in Milwaukee Electronics then have a great deal to accomplish as a team before it is successfully brought to market. After ACG completes its up-front development, the Design Engineering Group contributes the engineering work for the new product which is likely followed by a prototype build in Screaming Circuits. Then in Tecate, Mexico, at our Southwest facility, the PCB assembly and final box build of the product is completed.

Since 2008, ACG has grown a lot, both in terms of sales and customers. So, in 2012 we decided to create a new website that showcased our capabilities. Even though its primary industry of focus is narrowed to within only the material handling industry, ACG has expanded our product lines and customer base substantially. The new website took us almost a year to complete, and involved a lot of effort. During the process, we created a new logo for ACG, with the tagline “Simplicity in Motion”. We also made an easy way on the site for visitors and current customers to download the latest product manuals, specifications, and other supporting electronics manufacturing related documents. Getting all of this information together took a lot of work. In the future, translating our website into more languages in order to reach more customers is one of our top priorities. If you take a close look on the new homepage, you can see that ACG has products installed on four continents already!

Our new website can be found at:

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