In modern-day electronic manufacturing environments, business models must evolve and change in order to adequately solve complex customer challenges and create robust solutions. The past three years at Milwaukee Electronics have influenced important changes to our own business strategy in accordance with these goals. This evolution has created a business model which is unique within US-based electronics assembly and PCB design/manufacturing companies. The appealing aspect to our approach centers on our combination of responsiveness, along with advanced engineering and global procurement expertise.

Customers are discovering that when it comes to PCB assembly and circuit design, Milwaukee Electronics has a level of receptivity that is typically only found in smaller-sized regional manufacturers. Beyond this, we provide high levels of engineering support, systems infrastructure, and the variety of manufacturing location options generally only offered by much larger firms.

Each year we send out a customer satisfaction survey with the intention of collecting the types of important customer feedback that can inspire further improvements to our entire range of services and manufacturing processes. This survey has always been administered by a third-party who preserves the anonymity of all respondents (which helps to encourage honest and candid feedback). No individual in our organization sees the original responses; rather we only review a compilation of the scores and comments for each section. Any information that could potentially link a comment to a specific respondent is omitted from the results we examine.

Evolution within our systems and processes is influenced directly from the feedback our customers provide, so the importance of collecting authentic and sincere responses for the annual survey is a hugely important step towards becoming better at what we do as an electronic manufacturer.

This year brings an additional focus on how to further evolve our current manufacturing equipment technology platform strategy. We aim to develop broader solutions to more effectively meet the needs of the cutting-edge Screaming Circuits prototype customer base, and improve the process of transitioning their products into volume manufacturing.

Our goal is to align our processes to closely suit your requirements, allowing us to be the circuit board design and assembly partner you can’t live without.

I want to thank all of the customers who took part in our annual satisfaction survey. Your feedback helps us provide increasingly comprehensive North American engineering and manufacturing solutions to a wide variety of companies across the globe.

P. Michael Stoehr
President & CEO
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